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Medical Check-Up Programs Immunization/Vaccination Obstetrics and Gynecology
Company's Operation:
A. Branch Grooming:
  1. "Clinic Ly Srey Vyna" is furnished as follows:-
    1. 5 consultation rooms.
    2. 1 ECHO (Ultrasound) room.
    3. 15 beds for admission.
    4. 1 room for lab work with a large rage of lab service
  2. "Clinic Ly Srey Vyna II" is furnished as follows:-
    1. 3 consultation rooms.
    2. 1 ECHO (Ultrasound) room.
    3. 1 emergency room/treatment room.
    4. 10 beds for admission (all rooms are with air-condition)
    5. 1 operation theatre.
    6. 1 room for lab work with a large range of lab service.
B. Products and services:
  1. General Practitioner
  2. Internal Medicine 
  3. Pediatric
  4. Immunization/Vaccination for Children, Adult and Elderly
  5. Gynecology
  6. Laboratory
  7. Echography
  8. Outpatient and Inpatient Care
C. Method of payment:
  1. Cash payment
  2. Credit Card payment ( Visa Card, Master Card, and JCB Card)
  3. Local bank ATM card (ACLEDA Bank's Card and ANZ Royal Bank's Card)
  4. The panel Insurance card holders no need to pay cash.
D. Target customers:
  1. Walk-in customer
  2. Embassy
  3. International adopted children
  4. Local and international insurances
Below is a list of recent main customers of the clinic:-
  1. Recently walk-in customers are high, medium, and poor class patients whom are introduced by and paid by high class or NGOs.
  2. Local Insurances:
     Forte Insurance    
  3. International Insurances:


  4. Private companies:
    CATS ANZ Royal SR Total Siem Reap
    Chevron Siem Reap (Caltex) Tella De La Paix Hotel Siem Reap
    Amansara Hotel SR City Angkor Hotel Siem Peap
    Raffles Grand Hotel SR Maybank Cambodia (PP and Siem Reap)
    Security K company Sunrise orphanage SR DHL Express Cambodia
    Exotissimo Travel Cambodia (SR) CIMB Bank Phillip Bank
    SCG Trading SCG Logistics World Vision
  5. Embassies:
    Malaysian Embassy Brunei embassy  
  6. Local and International Tourists
E. Suppliers:
Company's managements

Name Age Position Qualification Years of
service in company
Working experience
in industry
Dr. Ly Srey Vyna 47 Owner/CEO Medical Doctor, university of Medicine in Bialystock, Poland Since inception More than 20 years
Dr. Ly Mony Sathya 40 Director of LY SRY VYNA CLINIC II (SR) Medical Doctor, Thai Binh Medical University, Vietnam 11 years More than 10 years
Dr. Nak Pechpichey 28 Director of LY SREY VYNA CLINIC (PP) Medical Doctor,​ Faculty of​Medicin,International University 4 years More than 3 years
Ly Srey Thyda 42 General Manager Accounting 17  years More than 10 years


Company's succession plan

The owner, Dr. Ly Sreyvyna, is assisted by her sister (Mdm. Ly Srey Thida ). When she travels overseas, both directors Dr. Ly Mony Sathya, Dr. Nak Pechpichey and her sister handles the business operations. The management team of the clinic is strong and young in their ages of 30s and early 40s.